Having Fun After TEOTWAWKI

Over the past few weeks I’ve been converting a shed to a sauna, so that I’ll be able to sit in some serious steam this winter.  It’s a wood fired sauna, thus it won’t cost me anything in the way of electricity.  Just a few candles and some wood.  But it got me thinking about how people might enjoy themselves after TSHTF.  If the grid is down it’s going to be hard to pick up that smart phone or laptop and entertain yourself for any length of time.

Ever jumped in ice water after a sauna?

For me a sauna is the ultimate in relaxation.  After a workout or a long day it’s one of the best ways I’ve found to soothe sore muscles and let myself totally relax.  I like the fact that it’s off the grid too, which means I’m not dependent on Central Maine Power for my relaxation.

Off grid things I like to do include reading, hiking, swimming, snowshoeing, drawing, writing, playing guitar and a myriad of other outdoor activities, which means I won’t run out of fun things to do once the day’s work is done.  My kids don’t watch TV although I’ll throw an occasional kids movie in the DVD player, but if my son had his way he’d be outside pushing a truck around in the sand box or running across the lawn like his hair was on fire.  My oldest daughter is an avid reader like me, but I’m afraid a grid down situation would hit right smack in the old Android cell phone.  She’d survive as she has a lot of other interests, but there would definitely be some withdrawal symptoms over the lost electronics.

Mrs. Jarhead and I don’t watch TV or use our cell phones that often, so that’s not an issue for us, but I’m curious about you.  What do you plan do for fun if and when TSHTF?  How will you entertain your kids?  How will you have fun yourself?

Tell me about it in the comments below.

-Jarhead Survivor


I’m running out of ideas on the survival scenario series I’ve been doing.  The answers have all been well thought out, but the participation is starting to dip, so I’m going to cut back to maybe once a month.

I am willing to try something a little different though.  If you have a survival scenario that you think might stump the readers (and me) here at STHFblog shoot it to my jarheadsurvivor@gmail.com email address and if it’s good I’ll publish.  You will receive full credit for the post and the admiration of thousands of readers!

So go ahead and hit me with your best shot.