Havahart Trap Delivers Survival Skunk Food

Regular readers of this site may remember my garden woes last year and the garden devouring groundhog story. The thing wiped out like 75% of the garden in 2 days. No real surprise, but they’re baaa-aaaaack. These things would be a TEOTWAWKI nightmare – DESTROYING your survival garden, leaving you …. foodless!

There’s are a few extensive groundhog holes in the woods behind the house. Will new groundhogs occupy an abandoned den? I kill one and they come back.

In any case, I wasn’t impressed to see one this year. I saw the little expletive sitting down on some concrete blocks I used from the concrete block raised bed garden I disassembled and grabbed the camera.

I didn’t have a shot opportunity, because my glasses were out in the car and I hadn’t dug my compound bow out yet. I had a camera shot opportunity, though. The camera lens reached out, making it look like I was closer than I actually was.

Warning: stop reading now if you don’t want to see that groundhog dead.

I have no interest in another massive groundhog induced garden loss like last year, so to supplement my watching eye, I set out a Havahart trap (again), to double my efforts, having something working 24/7. Last time I tried this for the groundhogs I didn’t have any luck. Instead I caught a raccoon and discussed the value a Havahart trap could offer in a food gathering survival situation. You set it and forget it, no need to expend countless calories and time in search of game, just check the trap once a day and you might have fresh meat, meat you can keep fresh until needed.

Did I catch the groundhog this time? No, I think they’re too smart. Instead I caught THIS:

Awwww, ain’t that little skunk some cunnin’ …. not really. I found it there in the morning as I was on my way to work. What do you do with a trapped skunk on your way to work? Nothing, you wait until you get home to deal with it. I searched the internet and asked friends what to do. Some said the skunk needs to raise its tail to spray and won’t in a Havahart trap, because there’s not enough room. As you can see, there’s enough room for this little skunk. Another said I should just fill a crate with water and set the whole trap in it, drown the thing to avoid the smell. That seemed to cruel.

When I came home I changed my clothes and held up a large tarp as I approached the trap. Seeing a wall of tarp coming, the skunk sprayed. It either hit the tarp or close to it. The smell was nasty. I covered the trap and opened the door. The skunk scurried into the concrete blocks for protection. It looked pretty tired. While I wasn’t sprayed with a direct hit, I definitely stunk, my clothes in particular.

The point is, if it WAS a SHTF survival situation, I could have drowned the skunk for tender skunk vittles. Mmm hmmm, good … I guess … maybe …

As for that groundhog, he ran into the concrete blocks for protection, too; but it wasn’t enough ….

– Ranger Man