Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July!

Brief post today as I’m sure (hope) many of you are away from your computers today, grillin’ meat and veggies while swillin’ beer and water (recommended order).

This is the first Fourth of July in Maine where fireworks are legal. The State Legislature made them legal the last legislative session, so everyone has been swamping the few fireworks stores we have now. The challenge is finding someplace to light them though, because so many Maine towns went and banned fireworks after the state made them legal, so you have this mix of legal here, not legal there, patchwork of fireworks lighting opportunities. Even I went out and bought a few basic firecrackers, but mostly focused on simpler, more kid-friendly items like mega sparklers, morning glories, etc. They’ve got some pretty crazy fireworks out there, but damn they don’t give those things away! Expensive.

On a related note (fireworks, the 4th and prepping), in yet another reminder that we should be preparing for a solar-flare, EMP-type event, Solar fireworks might be coming your way for the 4th.

Check the link!

The sun sent out a flare powerful enough to disrupt radio communications over Europe today, along with an eruption of electrically charged particles that just might sweep past Earth’s magnetic field in time to spark a Fourth of July show of auroral fireworks.

Woah – a free “fireworks” display! I just hope it doesn’t fry the electrical grid and this be the last post you ever read as the planet falls into non-electric, post-grid apocalypse where the masses all run around like chickens with their heads cut off, screaming for safety from the human cockroaches that seeking to feed off them …. or something like that.

Anyway – enjoy the holiday!

– Ranger Man