Guilty Pleasure Confession

Yea, that got your attention, didn’t it.  :-D

I have been sucked into a TV show, and it’s terrible. This is my plea for an intervention. Burn Notice.  Yup. Terrible.  I’ve been without an actual TV for so long that there are 7 seasons of this show that I had not seen. The episodes are the perfect length for the Infant Standard Interval. (ISI – A feeding, a burping, a change, a feeding, nap.) So I’ve been getting through a few episodes a week for most of my maternity leave.

First, there’s Micheal Westen, running around Miami with his nice little outfits. That’s cool, but really that would only hold my attention for a few episodes. I love that Bruce Campbell has an awesome role. Fiona is alright, but she needs to eat a sandwich. What really does it for me are the guns these guys haul out to play with.

Bikers giving them trouble? BAM! Here are some automatic clip fed hand guns! WTF!@*#  Where does someone get something like that? Hubby informs me that it’s a MAC-10 , WIKI tells me that’s a cheap kind of machine pistol. I love this quote from the wiki page.

Gunsite, a US firearms training facility, decided against teaching machine pistol firing when it was founded in 1976. Facility experts believed that it is “a slob’s weapon, useful only by half-trained or poorly motivated troops”; they claimed that the machine pistol “hits no harder than a pistol and is no more portable than a rifle.” Nevertheless, even the critics from Gunsite concede that the machine pistol is useful for a few situations, such as boarding an enemy boat in low light or when repelling boarders in a naval situation. Walt Rauch notes that “… critics contend that the weapon will “spray bullets indiscriminately all over the area”

Yea, I’m probably not going to be doing any maritime boarding. Nor do I see myself hanging out with the types of people who seem to carry that type of weapon. Indiscriminate bullet spraying does sound like a little bit of fun though….

Need to take down someone from the next block over? Oh, Fiona’s got a gun bigger than she is with a foot long scope. I think it’s a Grendel SRT.

Aww her outfit matches her gun


Here’s a nice rifle


It’s gotten so bad I can’t even have a normal zombie day dream without it going into Burn Notice dream land and the next thing I know I’m wielding something automatic and C4 is exploding behind me.

Here are some nice Pecs, i mean.. Sig 552


The worst part is the Spy For Dummies monologue that accompanies each episode. I really do feel like I could sneak in and out of office buildings and outwit manhunts after watching this stuff. Now, if only I could pick up a half a dozen languages real quick.  :-D :-D

Anyway, it’s the longest day of the year folks. Have a great Solstice, and indulge in some guilty pleasures.

– Calamity Jane