Got A.N.T.S?

A.N.T.S – Americans Networking to Survive, have any of you East Coast folks looked into them?

A.N.T.S is a survival network of individual preppers called (ants) working together to provide other members basic supplies during disasters. This is done by relaying supply pods to any member that needs them.When disaster strikes, Wouldn’t it be nice to know neighbors were coming to your street with supplies for you and your family.

Basic supplies is the key word there, not search and rescue or prepper’s “Craigslist.”  The main idea with this group is the Pod, which is intended to be relay-style transported to ants in need. They have a food pod, a water pod, a shelter pod, plus a half dozen more; all based around 5 gallon buckets.  The ant in need would then be expected to return said pods? Or maybe just return the bucket and a token of appreciation? I don’ t know, that part’s not really well spelled out.

Pluses –  They have some really cool information, organized decently.  They have a lot of ways to stay in contact.  There’s a blog, the website, a google map, some forum boards and even a Facebook page.  (Oh, and coffee mugs)  If you live in a well populated area, you’ll have Ants on your doorstep in 20 minutes after a disaster. (Give or take some…it is a disaster.)  They seem really well organized, with well thought out plans and guidelines and communication of  all of that to individual Ants.

Negatives –  Lots of way to stay in contact means a lot of ways to let too much information out.  The facebook page would be “friends” with you.  The Google map is a locater map, you put your (approximate) location on the map so that other Ants can coordinate Pod relays with you. ( Or so Ants can try to locate you after a disaster, whichever end you end up on.)  Because of the wide open nature of Google maps, it is a bit of a Catch-22.

The laws of averages plays out in Ant placement. Only a certain amount of the population is interested or aware of such communities.  If you don’t live in a well populated area, it can be hundreds of miles between Ants.

Relatively untested.  I’m not aware of any large mobilization. Some areas do meet and greets and seem more active than others.  Most seem to creak along, with members barely checking in on a regular  basis.

I think it’s an interesting concept. I’ll be watching carefully when they finally get tested.  What about y’all? Got a colony near you? Had any formicidae thoughts lately?

– Calamity Jane