Get Off Your Butt and Get Moving America!

The other day I read a story that should be a wake up call for all Americans.  According to the story 23% of American teens have diabetes or are at risk for it.  24 percent!  Here’s a quote from the story:

The findings indicate that “a large proportion of teens, regardless of their weight, would benefit from interventions that promote healthy lifestyles, including physical activity and eating a healthy diet,” the researchers said.

Jeez, ya think?

I’m going to take a different tack here and point my finger right at the parents on this one.  If your child is fat get him or her moving!  Cut back on the pizza and crap and give them something good to eat, or at least less of whatever it is you’re feeding them.  Get them outside and get them exercising for crying out loud!

What?  Your kid won’t eat anything but junk food and refuses to go outside?  How about taking away the cell phones, video games, TV, and Internet access until an hour before bedtime?  If nothing else sheer crushing boredom should take them outside, it always did for me when I was a kid.  I have fond memories of my mother yelling up the stairs at me while I was reading my scifi novels, “It’s beautiful outside!  Put that book down and get out there!”  Can you imagine telling someone to put a book down to go outside today?  If kids today actually read a book it’s time for a high five.  But we had balance in my house growing up and doing the firewood and mowing the lawn were our chore and much as we hated it my parents made sure we got out there and did it.  My dad often said that’s why he had two boys!

What?  They get mad when you take their stuff away?  Hey!  Guess what!  You’re their parent – not their friend.  Sometimes you have to make the hard decisions and enforce them when you see them doing something they shouldn’t be doing.  You love them, so prove it.

As far I’m concerned this is already a SHTF situation.  There are ways to get kids interested in the great outdoors and in doing stuff – you just have to figure out what it is that interests them.  If we don’t do something now what will it look like a generation from now?  Fifty percent of kids at risk?  Sixty?

Imagine if you had to walk ten miles for a bug out.  Could your family do it?  Could you do it?  I can’t emphasize how important physical fitness is and I try to stay as fit as possible.  Mrs Jarhead is a runner and I like to lift weights and do Crossfit.  My son is an active three year old and I have to be in shape to keep up with him!

And for those kids who are fit and love to spend time outdoors:  Good for you!!  Keep up the good work. Maybe you could become a leader and get your friends doing stuff outside with you.  Who knows?  You might be saving a life!

Are your children fit?  Are you fit?

-Jarhead Survivor