Gear Review: Streamlight Sidewinder Flashlight Military Version

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Starting off with my first review I decided to go with a flashlight. Not just any flashlight but the flashlight that I carry with me on all of my bug out trips. Many hours were spent looking over lumen outputs, battery life, type of battery, and features. Finally a decision was made and I decided on the Streamlight Sidewinder 14032, the military version. In survival, versatility is a must and the Sidewinder has plenty to spare. With 4 different color LEDs each with 4 different intensities already the Sidewinder is looking rather impressive.

By Grimm, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

Then you add in a 185 degree tilting head and not only do you have lighting options but positioning options as well. Though its shape is a bit out of the ordinary you can rest assure your light wont roll away when you set it down.

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Though the Sidewinder is very versatile it does lack in a few areas. The light operation is on the head and for most this might not be an issue but if you prefer more of a tail switch operation you will be out of luck. The flashlight only takes AA batteries and although that is arguably one of the more popular batteries it would be nice to be able to use other batteries like CR123s or AAAs. Also the mount accessories do not hold the light as stable as I would like.

That all being said at roughly 65 dollars on amazon its not going to break the bank. Its rugged, versatile, packed with features, and its what I take out with me into the wilderness.

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