Gardening Thoughts and Product Review – Be Prepared Now

Product Review

I just received my shipment from Be Prepared Now and I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve seen so far.  I got the 37 Variety and 27 Variety seed kits along with a suture first aid kit.  It also comes with a set of instructions on how to plant the seeds and other useful information.  Check them out and see what you think.


Above you can see what I received from Be Prepared Now.


Here’s another picture showing the contents of the 37 seed kit and the instructions. 


Now, I’m no gardener, but this spring I’m going to plant a couple of Square Foot Gardens using these seeds and see how things turn out.  Having read Ranger Man’s trials and tribulations starting with Satan’s seeds and then the  groundhog infestation I’m approaching this endeavor with a plan. 

First, the Square Foot Gardens are basically sealed off from other plant matter because the soil mixture used is bought right from the gardening store.  Therefore  I shouldn’t have to deal with weeds and other invasive plants.  (Well, that’s what the book says!)

Second, I’m not as kind natured as Ranger Man and any unwelcome visitors to the garden will be dealt with most harshly right out of the gate.  I will have a fence around the gardens of course as they will sit about twenty feet from a rather dense forest.

Third, if things get real bad I figure I can dig foxholes and lay out claymore mines in a 100 meter perimeter surrounding the… oh wait.  I guess that’s a different scenario.  Never mind.

I have a friend who said he might submit a guest post about his trials and tribulations with gardening over the last five or so years. He always seems to get a pretty impressive amount of vegetables out of his garden and I intend to consult him this year once I have my own underway.  He told me about trapping at least twenty pesky raccoons in the have-a-heart traps last year and relocating them twenty miles away among other trials and tribulations. 

If anybody out there has hints or tips for this poor non-farming Jarhead I’d sure like to hear them.  Feel free to comment below….

-Jarhead Survivor