For Those Who Aren’t Prepared…

You’d better get a clue and get it quick.

Prepared N.D. sent me a story yesterday that was interesting not because of the story itself, but because of some of the responses it elicited from readers.

Here’s a link to the story, but the gist of it is that because of power outages and water line damage drinking water should be boiled for one minute or you should use bottled water.

Here are a couple of the comments posted in response:

As you can see some people are completely baffled by the concept of boiling water without electricity.  Like Prepared N.D., I found this to be a rather startling revelation as to the preparedness in the every day lives of some of our fellow citizens.  True, this is just a small sampling of a population, but I’d be willing to wager a knife that a good percent of the population out there would react the same way.  Boil water without power?  How?

I suppose I think everybody is ready to boil water by getting out their propane stoves (or whatever you use) and putting the water on simply because that’s what I’d do – what all of us as preppers would do.  But the reality is that people aren’t ready for these kinds of emergencies and when TSHTF these are the same folk who are going to be standing in long lines waiting for water and food handouts because they’re not prepared.

If you’re new to prepping and you read this story and say to yourself, “Gee, that’s me,” then first of all, welcome to the world of preparedness.  Second, take a look around the blog and get a feel for the steps you should take to get you and your family prepared.  This is a good place to get started.

If you have questions about how to get prepared or you have advice to offer please feel free to post it below in the comments section.  If you were (or are) a new prepper, what information would you find useful?

-Jarhead Survivor