Fishing for Ideas

We here at SHTFblog have asked what YOU would like to read when you come to visit us.  Calamity writes about gardening, family stuff, and other topics and our new guy, The Graduate Shootist, pens about firearms.  Ranger Man chips in with just about anything and I like to write about outdoor survival, current events, and whatever strikes my fancy as I cruise around the Internet seeing cool or crazy stuff.

Time changes things and I’m wondering if there are certain topics out there you’d like to see discussed here that you haven’t seen yet.  I tend to write a lot about my family life to share with you what it is I’ve done to prep or not prep, as the case may be.

Lately I’ve been watching the news and waiting to see what Europe is going to do.  Would you like to see more discussion about the economy?  I know I’ve enjoyed the discussion on the blog every time I’ve posted something about markets, or money, or anything related to the economy.  There’s a lot of smart people out there that comment and I like seeing other viewpoints.

What else could we do to spice things up?  More book reviews?  More videos?  Open discussion about topics of interest?  I’m just throwing things out here – feel free to chip in with anything you’d like to hear about.

Thanks for your ideas and a big thank you for reading our site.

-Jarhead Survivor