Egypt Riot Videos and Lessons – Are YOU Ready?

I generally try not to chase SHTF news in blog posts as it seems there are enough other sites doing that, but periodically it seems appropriate if the news can yield any preparedness lessons for readers. Egypt, naturally, is such an instance. Being that I like current events as much as I like coffee (long-term coffee storage); I’ve been watching the Egypt events with great interest. For the news crack addict such as myself, Al Jazeera and Russia Today have offered some of the best Egyptian news coverage.

What can the events in Egypt teach those in the prepper community? Well, for the more seasoned prepper, probably not much that you don’t already know, lessons like:

The more valuable lesson, I feel, is the smack of reality people might get from watching the events unfold. While we are fortunate in the U.S. to have a democracy that helps prevent political-based riots like those in Egypt, we know there are other events that could spur similar riots: an EMP strike, spread of a deadly virus, economic catastrophe, etc. Once someone’s food and water supplies are gone – social unrest is guaranteed.

The other valuable lesson that can be underscored by watching Egyptian unrest is the need for urban dwelling preppers to have a serious, realistic bug out plan – and know when to execute it! Need proof? Watch these few videos (email subscribers might need to visit this post directly) and imagine yourself holed up in your high rise apartment watching the events unfold as your friends, wife and/or kids sit by nervously waiting for calm.

First, from Russia Today, watch the anarchy in this vid:

Second, again from RT, watch evening unrest as people fight and loot:

Last, but not least, watch this diplomat’s van bug out through a crowd of protesters (warning: you’ll see people get run over):

Now I ask you urban dwellers – are YOU ready?

– Ranger Man

BTW: Unrelated to Egypt, but still in current events, if you’ve ever wanted an imported AK-47, Saiga 12 or something else, there’s no better time than the present. Senator Feinstein has written a letter to President Obama and others urging them to prohibit imported assault weapons (something that could be conceivably done without new legislation). Read Senator Feinstein’s letter here (thanks to Rockwood Armz for the link).