Do You Hope For The Apocalypse?

Note:  Ranger Man and I seem to be on the same wave length here.  I wrote the article below on Monday (for my Friday post) of the week he wrote his “Media Craze on Preppers” post.  I nearly pulled it, but then realized I take it a step further than he does.  You all know how I feel about the mainstream media by now, so I pull a few less punches than he does without – hopefully – ranting about it.

Anyway, consider this the right cross to go along with his jab and call it good.

Crazy Ol' Jarhead Survivor shooting his .44



I just finished reading Doomsday Has Its Day in the Sun.  It’s another article about preppers that focuses on – you guessed it – a reality show about survivalists called “Doomsday Bunkers.”

The author’s comments are derogatory and he’s quick to point out that all of the people featured in this show are heavy into firearms and self protection.  Here’s an excerpt:


…One notable exception was Kathy Harrison, a New England woman profiled on a recent “Preppers.”

“It’s easy to feel a little left out of the prepper community if you live in New England and if you’re not fairly right wing and conservative politically,” she said in the segment. “But I just don’t spend my time worrying about stockpiling guns and ammunition, because our security comes not from stockpiling weapons but from having a community that respects each other, supports each other, and we have each others’ backs.”

A noble sentiment. But the unmistakable impression left by these programs is that what these folks want most of all is not to protect their families — the standard explanation for why they’re doing what they’re doing — or even the dubious pleasure of being able to say to the rest of us, “See, I told you the world was going to end.” What they want is a license to open fire.

The number of bullets sprayed around in these shows, by adults and even their children, might give Rambo pause. Yet “Doomsday Preppers” and “Doomsday Bunkers” might still qualify as decent television if they were less credulous — if, for instance, they asked a few basic questions:

¶Won’t it be hard to find a plumber after civilization collapses? What will happen when that methane-harvesting septic system clogs?

¶Have the “Doomsday Bunker” diggers talked to the “Doomsday Prepper” people who think the Big Catastrophe will originate underground, via volcano or earthquake?

¶More seriously, what is the attraction of continuing to live in a world that forces people to cower in an underground box and spend all their time fending off those who want their freeze-dried apricots?

¶Even more seriously, what is the attraction of continuing to live in a world that will almost certainly not have television or the Internet, depriving doomsday types of the shows and Web sites that fuel their paranoia and sell products exploiting it?

“Doomsday Preppers” even offers the people it profiles advice on improving their preparations. (National Geographic, though, on a Facebook page, gives commenters a chance to mock the preppers with a photo caption contest. Under a picture of a man neck-deep in a hole in the ground, someone has written, “It looks like we’ll be alright as long as the end of the world doesn’t involve rain.”)

It’s a shame that these “reality TV” shows are seen as representing the majority of the population of preppers.  These days it’s bad enough if you tell people that you’re into prepping as they get a scared look in their eyes and try to back away.  I guess they’re afraid we’ll open fire on them for not agreeing with us or something.  The thing is if it’s not controversial or exciting enough the producers will make something up for the viewers because it’s all about the all mighty ratings!

Turn That Crap Off!

As I’ve mentioned before this is exactly the reason I stopped watching TV years ago.  I think MTV had a program called “Real World” or something like that and it was a smash hit for reasons I could never fathom.  Shortly after that my TV went off for good.  These days I have the basic cable package and watch the news for 1/2 hour in the morning while I’m puttering around in the kitchen.  That’s about it.  And if the commercials get annoying enough I’ll shut it off then, too.  Do you have commercials where the guys YELL at you?  We have one here in Maine where these two nutjobs are literally yelling, “IF YOU CAN’T GET IT AT THE FURNITURE SUPERSTORE YOU CAN’T GET IT ANYWHERE!  THE FURNITURE SUPERSTORE!  THE FURNI..”  *click*  Yelling at the top their lungs!  That’s about all I can take of that garbage.

Sorry for the side rant there… it’s no wonder Americans are brainwashed these days.

Are You Hoping For The Apocalypse?

Anyway, the guy in the above article is obviously not on board with prepping because of what he sees on those programs.  I wonder if he’d be singing the same tune after a hurricane swept through or an earthquake knocked out power for two weeks in his area?  Maybe.  I have the feeling he’s the type who’d wind up at a shelter somewhere living off the good will of others until the The Government got everything put back in order.  Who needs to be self sufficient when we have Uncle Sugar looking out for us, right?

I always read the comments to stories like that and it’s obvious who the preppers are, but one of the more interesting comments was, “What the article seems to miss is that these people aren’t AFRAID of an apocalypse, they are HOPING for one.”  There were other comments along these lines, but you get the picture.

SHTFBlog has been contacted numerous times to be a part of these types of films, but I always held off to see how they’d be portrayed.  Not that I don’t trust the media mind you…   Yeah right!

As a matter of fact look what landed in my email the other day:

I am producing a TV show for Discovery channel starring Ted Nugent and am looking for a survivalist expert in the Waco, Texas area. I liked your site but couldn’t tell if any of you are living in that area. If so, I would like to discuss the show with you further.



Julie Pifher

Manager, Development & Intl Rights

MorningStar Entertainment

p. 818.559.7255

A show starring Ted Nugent and survivalist experts?  Hmm, I can see where that’s gonna go, but hey!  If you’re interested and live in the area go ahead and contact her.  And please please please let me know how the filming turns out.  (If you’re still alive afterwards.)  You never know with Ted Nugent.

Honestly, I think if this show ever airs I just might hope for the Apocalypse.

Ya know, if I thought there was a show that would represent the majority of preppers in a fair manner I might sign up for it, but knowing how the media works that will never happen.

How about you?  What do you think?

-Jarhead Survivor