DIY – How to Make a Cozy for Field Use

You’re probably asking yourself, “What is a cozy and why should I care?”

Fair enough, something with a name like “cozy” is probably lame right?  Wrong!  This little rig is worth it’s weight in gold, although it’s not very heavy.  Perfect for the ultra-light hiker and camper.

First, what is it and what is it used for?

A cozy is just a small container used to help heat food, so you don’t use up all your fuel.  Mine is made from a powdered lemonade container.  The top is a measuring cup and the bottom part is what I use to heat noodles and other foods in.

Here’s how you make one:

  1. Obtain a suitable empty container – the Country Time Lemonade container is perfect.
  2. Cut the top off the main body, but leave enough so that the cup can still attach.
  3. Take duct tape or Gorilla tape and wrap it around the body of the container.  This will be the main body of the cozy.  Use enough tape so that when you pour boiling water in it it won’t burn your hand.

That’s it!

To use it, simply put the noodles in the cup, boil water, pour the water in on top of the noodles, and put the cover on.  Let it sit for four or five minutes and enjoy a hot cup of noodle soup or whatever it is you want to boil!

The top can be used as a coffee cup or drinking cup.

When I pack it away I usually put my stove, or some paracord or twine, or something inside it so that the space isn’t wasted in my pack.

Try it out and see what you think.  I’ve made a few of these over the years and it’s now a basic part of my kit and as you can see from the pictures I use it all the time.


Country Time makes a great container for a cozy.


I keep my stove, matches, and other stuff inside the cozy when traveling.


Notice the top of the cozy itself has been cut down a little.



This is one of my favorite combinations in the field.


-Jarhead Survivor


Here’s the stove set up I’m currently carrying around. 


This is my stove set up for this particular bug-in bag.



Low light picture of the flame.