Defense in Depth–Using Nature

On Sunday I decided to get outside and cut some trees back from the road I live on.  The section I wanted to cut was situated on a corner and made it hard for drivers to see people walking as they went around the corner, so I grabbed my chainsaw and confidently headed down the road.  When I got there I fired the saw up and started cutting small trees and was using my shoulder to push them off the road when all of a sudden something snagged my sweatshirt and when I tugged on it it pushed through and dug into my skin.  It was a thorn bush.  And not just one, but a whole family of them. 

I went back and got some small cutters and started whacking that stuff down by hand.  Here’s the thing about thorn bushes; when you pull on one you’ll get the whole mess of them pulling and swinging around.  IMG_0857A simple half-hour cutting job suddenly devolved into a three hour battle of brambles, trees, and swamp.  At the end of three hours I was victorious.  Bloody, sweating, and I’d had the opportunity to put together some curse words in unique phrases I haven’t used in years, but the area was clear.

This got me thinking about home defense.  In the Corps we used a circular wire called concertina wire, which was a nasty looping wire that had sharp little blades attached to it.  Now, if you wanted to use some of this for your home defense you could certainly order some; however, it screams that there’s something important there to protect.  OPSEC is out the window.

But if you put some of natures concertina wire around whatever you wanted to protect you’d be just as safe and nobody would ever be the wiser. 


A couple of guys could take this stuff and make a pretty good sized fence or barrier in the space of a few days and I guarantee that nobody is accidentally going to wander on to your land if this stuff is in the way.  And if you transplanted it the stuff is nearly impossible to kill.  I swear this is what they should use when they start terraforming Mars.  It’s so nasty it’ll grow anywhere.

When planning your home defense think about how you might incorporate some of nature’s concertina wire.  It’ s not easy to handle, but if you have some of this stuff growing in your area you just might want to make use of it.

But don’t worry about Ol’ Jarhead Survivor.  After the battle I was able to scrape a little something together to throw on my grill.  After all, it was a sunny Sunday and the snow was melting and I’d have to say it was a pretty good day.  Hope you all had a nice weekend too.


-Jarhead Survivor



Apparently thorns would deter everybody except these people in India.  You have to see it to believe it.  Check out the Thorn Festival!  (:54 seconds)