Dealing with a Cold

Calamity here, sorry for the late post guys. I’ve been so sick the past couple of days I honestly didn’t know what today was.  Many apologies.

I’m still not well, my head hurts so much my teeth hurt, and the coughing fits aggravate my morning sickness which is making it hard to keep down food.  So, I’ll keep things brief today so I don’t go all rambly-crazy on you.

As usually happens when I’m stuck in a bed my brain keeps busy by running SHTF scenarios.  What would I do if we lived on the East coast and I was dealing with this cold without the grid?

First off, thankfully, it’s just a cold.  A healthy adult could slug some liquid cold meds and probably be suitable for firewood/shovel duty.   Liquid cold meds are great on one hand, because they usually have high alcohol contents, which  makes them excellent for storage.  We have a small stockpile of them, and they will be good for at least 5 years.   On the other hand, they aren’t so great for pregnant ladies.   I love mint tea and honey, but it just doesn’t have the same kick. :-)  If your prepping plans include any women of childbearing age, take a look at this handy list from WebMD and make sure you have some medications they can take should they wind up pregnant.

Clear liquids – this one is easy. We’ve got lots of water stored.  We’re still mostly above freezing, so I even have my summer rain water supply. (Not that I’d drink that, but I could use it for other things, saving my better water for drinking. )

Keeping warm – again, I see no problems.  We have plenty of wood to heat water with sans electricity.  Warm liquids and soups are great for helping to keep people warm, sick people especially. We don’t have a great solution if our gas heat goes out, but that rarely happens out here. It’s more likely to get cut off for lack of payment, and in that situation I would have enough warning time to rig up some wood heat that would keep us warm enough. I have quite the stockpile of wool blankets, and we’re all accustomed to layers and blankets to stay warm anyway.  We’re still co-sleeping with child #1, so sleeping together for warmth wouldn’t be anything new either. Kitty cat keeps my lap warm during the day and my head warm at night, (she sleeps on my pillow.) Anyone else use pets as a mobile space heater? :-)

Rest – This one’s doable without electricity too.  Thankfully my partner is alive and well, and with all the prep work we’ve done, he would have little trouble handling things on his own while I stayed inside and rested. This helps keep my germs quarantined too.   Not as vital with something like a cold, but something to keep in mind as a requirement for harsher illnesses.

I have something much more interesting in the works for Thursday, hopefully that will make up for the sick day today. :-D

Y’all stay warm, keep prepping, if the once-in-a-lifetime October blizzard missed you, there’s always next time.

– Calamity Jane