Dancing Will Get You Arrested In Washington DC

Opinion time.

I’m apolitical – meaning I try to vote for whoever I think is going to do the best job and screw political parties.  In my mind the various political factions out there are all just different slices of the same pie, so you’re pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

However, I do believe in the constitution and it’s scary to see how some of our liberties are being taken away – or are we giving them up?  The Patriot Act is something I find scary.  The body scans and searches being done at the airport are an example of what can happen when this gets taken too far.

I found a video this week about some protestors being arrested at the Thomas Jefferson memorial for dancing.  (Silently, they were wearing headphones.)  Someone decided that dancing at the memorial took away from the “somber attitude” they felt it deserved and gave police orders to arrest anyone caught dancing.  See the video:


I’ve read different comments made by people to the effect of, “Good.  These dummies should be arrested for breaking the law.”

Hmmm.  Maybe.  But this seems a little over the top when compared to the subject matter of the next video where the thoroughly hated Westboro Baptists are demonstrating at Arlington Cemetery.  They are loud and obnoxious, but within their rights to free speech according to the law.


It seems to me that if someone needed to be arrested it should be the Westboro yo-yanks that are out there praying for more dead soldiers at a funeral in Arlington Cemetery.  Not people protesting by dancing badly, but quietly, at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.  C’mon.  The police don’t have anything better to do?  If the police didn’t show up these people would have danced for an hour then gone home.  Instead it turned into a big fiasco.

I realize they were probably dancing just because someone told them not to and thus brought this down on their own heads, but as someone pointed out in one of the comments sections I read… what’s next?  They can already monitor our emails and other forms of electronic communications, so what do we give up next?

It seems like our country is in big trouble these days and it feels like we’re marching towards trouble.  With the debt problem, deficit problem, economic issues, unemployment, not to mention the foreign economic issues all mixed up it feels like we’re swirling down the rabbit hole and I’m not sure just how far down we’re gonna go.

That’s it.  No big decisions or insights, just a few observations with more questions.

What do you think?

Were the government/police right to keep it quiet?  Were they wasting their and our time by trying to make a foolish point?  Are we giving up liberties willingly?

Feel free to comment on any of these issues below.

-Jarhead Survivor