Caution – Prepping Can Lead to a Gloomy Outlook On Life

Recently I’ve found myself logging into my computer in the morning and checking out the Business Section on CNN and MSNBC to see if the economy has crashed yet.  Then I cruise over to the BBC to see if Europe is still with us.  After I’m done with the economic news I have to check out the riots in England, the several wars we’re involved in, and various crime stories of people doing horrible things to each other – some because of the economy apparently.  Let’s not forget the famine in Africa and thousands of refugees trying to find food and water by walking hundreds of miles to get out of their current no food zone.

Man.  After all that it’s a wonder I don’t put a little cyanide in my overpriced coffee (up because of inflation and a lack of the coffee bean.)  Then again, I probably couldn’t afford the cyanide.

Everywhere you look there are conflicting news stories.  One headline will tell you that gas is going up because of a lack of offshore drilling and the article directly beneath it might say that gas is going down because we’re getting better at conserving gas in the US.

To quote Colonel Potter from the old MASH series, “Horse puckey.”

That’s right.  Whatever happened to the day that news agencies reported news instead of trying to make it?  I understand that they need to come up with headlines to keep people reading, but when they start writing conflicting viewpoints and posting them literally side-by-side I think it’s time to slow down a little.

Oh, we’ve got serious issues in this world of ours, no question about that.  My problem is that when I log into these sites I tend to wallow in them like a pig in mud.  After a week of doing that my morale is in the toilet, I’ve gone over my preps for the tenth time, and I’m on Amazon trying to see what else I can buy to make my family’s life easier in the post apocalyptic world after it burns down from the economic crash or comes to a halt because we’ve run out of fuel due to our huge gas guzzling SUVs and pickup trucks.  (Guilty!)  Then I jump on the blogs and pretty soon I’ve got guns sticking out my windows listening for the claymores on the perimeter to go off so I’ll know when and where to start shooting.  Damn those hordes who think they’re going to get my stuff.  I’ll fight to the end!!

Ok, for those of you who haven’t picked it up yet I’m using the tongue-in-cheek font today.  The point is this:  yes, we have problems in the world, but we’ve always had problems in the world.  As long as you’ve done some kind of prepping I suspect you’ll be ready for most anything that comes down the line.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a retreat in the White Mountains, there’s a good chance you won’t need it.

You might!  Don’t get me wrong – I’m no prophet.  I do expect a crash of some sort, but wallowing in the details isn’t going to prevent it or make it any better.  With another baby due any minute now I’ve decided to be as ready as I can for anything and not worry about the things I can’t do anything about in the meantime.

I’ll still read the news, but there’s a difference between wallowing and reading.  Maybe I’ll finish that fiction book I started awhile back with all the extra time that will give me.

Play with your kids.  Go for a hike.  Play chess with a friend.  Whatever!  Be ready, but enjoy your life!  This is the only shot you get at it folks, so make it count.

-Jarhead Survivor


Don’t be a Debbie Downer!