Caption this Action Caption Results

I picked five submitted captions from the Caption this Action blog post. I wanted to pick a few more, but where would I stop? Almost all of them made me laugh.

I also got people that respond to their SHTF Blog email subscription, which comes back to the SHTF Blog gmail account. I encourage all of them to write their comments at the post itself. In this case it was a requirement, the caption had to be typed in the comments field.

“HH” sent a good one via email that he didn’t type into the comments: “Looks like an Al-queida gnat” – lol

So here we have it, in no particular order, what I think are the top 5 funniest captions:

  1. USMC – because RAID doesn’t work on desert cockroaches.
  2. Just another soldier following “government orders.”
  3. Penetrator Rounds – you’re using them wrong.
  4. Concrete Walls – the ultimate camo and defensive body armor
  5. Marksmanship – only impressive with the right target.

Voting takes place in the right sidebar. I’ll let the poll run until sometime Monday night (the 10th) when I write my next post. You can vote once from any computer. Good luck!

– Ranger Man