Caption this Action – and WIN!

Caption this Action!

The last time I ran a “caption this photo” challenge was over two years ago. It’s time to repeat that action. Here’s the deal:

Submit your caption for the above photo in the comments section. You have until tomorrow at 5pm (EST) … or so … to make a submission. Thursday’s post will include what I believe are the top responses. Readers will then have a set amount of time to vote for their favorite caption. Whoever gets the most votes – wins!

“Wins what?” you ask. A fair question. As I said last time, unlike our survival blogging homeboy, Rawles, there are no hoity toity class certificates to onPoint Tactical here. This is a ghetto blog! You get what you get and what you get is ….

*insert drum roll*

First place gets two, count them, TWO boxes of 3M N95 surgical masks!

There’s 20 adult sized masks in each box, so the winner gets a total of 40 masks, a retail value of roughly $40.00. Second place winner gets one box of 20.

These are the high-end N95 masks that were in such high demand when the avian flu scare was running wild. During that time no one could buy a box unless they were willing to dump a ton of money on eBay for them.

These masks have a variety of medical uses and would make a great addition to anyone’s SHTF preparedness storage shelf.

So there you have it – submit your caption for the photo in the comments section. Submit as many captions as you’d like, I don’t give a frig!

– Ranger Man

BTW: for those that care about blog maintenance drama, I think I’ve found a permanent (?) fix to the spam comment issue without having to use captcha codes for readers to complete. The answer it seems, is Defensio!