Bug Out Ready Baby

A brand new life, it’s a bit responsibility. It’s also a bit of a hassle to stay mobile with one of the milk-suckers hanging on you all day.  Heaven forbid you have a litter.  Can you imagine the Octo-mom trying to bug out? Ha!

One of the main reasons I limit our family size is for the mobility aspects.  Walking is great of course, but cars are not a tool I want to give up lightly.  If our family gets any bigger, the car will have to get bigger. Right now we can fit all 4 of us in my little 2-door Honda Civic, and we can go anywhere we want with gas mileage that can top 40 mi/gal, if the wind is behind us.  A minivan isn’t going to cut it in my book.  Living below our means, means we don’t have the funds for an SUV, the initial costs or the daily operating expenses.  So, I’m determined to keep us small in size, nimble and light in load.

Speaking of small in size, I’m pretty sure baby carriers don’t come in XXX-L.  If you want to have any chance at all of carrying your baby out on foot in an emergency, you really need to be able to wear the baby. Most strollers, unless you go in for one of the $300 or $400 jobbies, aren’t going to cut it past the first 10 miles. Either carry Baby in one of the back-pack carriers, or in one of the wrap style carriers.  The Mei Tai style of carrier is really easy to make, and they keep baby safe and close and it’s hands free.  There are lots of directions on making them, here’s one of my favorites. Now, if you’ve never hiked anywhere with a baby strapped to you, you might be surprised at the difference it makes to your stamina and balance.  We went out hiking a couple of weeks ago with a new back-pack store bought carrier, and hubby almost fell a couple of times.  He had trouble seeing his feet and he didn’t care for the straps.  He has decided he prefers the simple cloth wrap that I made a few years ago for kid #1.  The trade off with the simple wrap is that it’s hotter, due to the wrapping that the name implies.  It’s also hard to carry additional load with a wrap carrier. Whereas, the back-pack-style carrier can often be worn in addition to another pack. Hubby noticed that he felt more balanced when he had baby strapped in front and a backpack on his back.

Bags are impossible to get away from with a baby, make sure yours are properly packed. There’s the everyday carry, (diaper bag if you must call it that) with a days worth of basics. Then you have the option of a bugout bag dedicated to the little tyke, or upping the water/food in Mom’s bag to account for baby. We have the extras in my bag, since we’re breastfeeding.  All he needs comes from me anyway, so why bother making him his own food and water bag?  In a bug out situation, we’ll grab his diaper bag, and everyone else will grab Bug-out bags.

Just as Jarhead said to his nephew, practice the carry! Practice where to put everything so you can reach weapons but baby can’t. Practice hauling the extra weight around. Mamas, it will help  you loose that baby weight quicker, but go easy on your joints, new baby means that Relaxin hormone is still making your joints looser than they should be.  I’ve noticed most new daddy’s have sympathy weight gain after 9 months of watching their normally salad eating wife devour anything that didn’t move fast enough.  :-D So, hauling around Baby can’t hurt there either.

I know you’re all busy hauling in your garden produce for preservation. (You ARE right?) But, take 20 minutes a day, at least, to walk the family around the neighborhood or local state park. Your butt will thank you today, and it might save your life in an emergency.

– Calamity Jane