Brushfire Plague by Ruggiero – an Apocalypse Novel Review

Book Review day, but first, as promised, announcing the random winner of the FREE Bar-ricade.

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“Firecracker” wins with his (her?) comment of:

Just moved, and don’t have much in the way of security at the new house (yet). This could be a huge “check” on that list, and I could move on to other areas of concern.

Congratulations Firecracker and thanks to all that commented. Word.

Now on to the book review!

Prepper Press reached out asking if I’d like to review their latest fiction novel, Brushfire Plague.

I said, “Well – fssh-YA!”

Call me biased toward apocalyptic fiction, but Brushfire Plague is good. The United States, and then the world, gets hammered by a deadly virus that kills most victims within 72 hours. It spreads fast like … you guessed it – a brushfire! The book is set in Oregon and follows … Cooper Adams … his son … lifelong best friend, and others as they do whatever it takes to outlive the plague … to protect themselves from the growing civil unrest overwhelming the country.

Oregon begins falling apart and violent gangs develop! Cooper rises up – to mobilize – his neighborhood!

To protect those still alive … while time runs out for his son.

The rapid “brushfire” nature of this plague sets the tone for the story. It makes it fast. Action-packed. While it’s a book that looks at what would happen to society if such a plague hit, the heart of the story lies in the characters. Cooper is an average American husband and father that becomes driven by instinct to survive. He finds himself in extraordinary circumstances where he is both a hero … and a killer.

Another central character is Cooper’s best friend, Dranko, who occasionally runs with the “tin foil hat” crowd … like us … or … some of us. But Dranko was prepared for the tragedy … like us … or … some of us. So Dranko struggles when Cooper rejects his plan to survive the plague.

Jake, Cooper’s son, begins the story as an innocent child, until he’s forced to toughen … and desensitize.

There are other characters, too. Some work together … some work against.

Brushfire Plague is tight. If you’re a prepper who likes survival and apocalyptic stories (who wouldn’t?), add this action to your bookshelf. If you’re not a prepper – WTH is wrong with you!? Get on board.

– Ranger Man

BTW: Brushfire Plague Facebook page.