Bath Salt Drugs Turns People Into REAL Crazies

Building off Calamity Jane‘s recent post, The Different Kinds of Crazy, let’s talk about the threat of REAL crazies, and by “REAL crazies” I’m talking about drug heads snorting and smoking “bath salts.” Of course, it’s not really bath salts at all, it’s just packaged and sold as bath salts. In reality, it’s a synthetic drug that induces one really crazy hallucinogenic trip. The drugs contain mephedrone, a man-made chemical that blocks the neurotransmitters in the brain to stop dopamine production and induce hallucinations.

Have I tried it? Hell no! Did you miss the part where I said it makes you CRAZY? I’m only writing about it here, because people on these drugs become a serious threat to themselves and others – like zombies! The problem is so serious in Maine that our governor recently signed emergency legislation banning the drug. Here are a few examples of the insanity, all are recent articles from Maine alone:

Howland, Maine man restrained by passers-by during his bath salts fit:

Witnesses reported that Dylan Smith, 20, thought that “people were chasing him and were going to kill him with an ax” when he wandered down Main Street in Lincoln trying to break into businesses and screaming at about 2:30 a.m., Police Chief William Lawrence said. Smith was “out of control,” Lawrence said Tuesday.

But four young men saw Smith in his crisis. The group trailed Smith onto Lake Street and tackled and held him down after he kicked in the door to a Lake Street residence and resident Corey Evans called 911, Lawrence said.

Wife says bath salts “took over” husband’s life in a few weeks:

“He hasn’t been my husband since he started doing them and it’s only been a short while,” she said Saturday, while sitting on her couch with two small children nearby. “In the last two weeks, he’s lost [20 pounds] and his eyes aren’t his eyes.”

Man found in river injected bath salts:

Officer Kyle Pelkey attempted to stop Buzzell after seeing his red GMC Jimmy run a red blinking light at the junction of Washington and Oak streets at around 4:22 a.m. Tuesday. Buzzell reportedly sped off and attempted to lose Pelkey. After making several turns, Buzzell allegedly attempted to make a left turn onto Exchange Street, lost control of his vehicle and crashed it into some bushes. He got out of the vehicle and took off on foot, running toward Penobscot Plaza.

Lt. Tom Reagan, Officer Kevin Murphy, Pelkey and others heard crashing, splashing and mumbling noises coming from the banks of the Penobscot River, and Pelkey found Buzzell standing in the river. He ordered him to come to shore. Buzzell “appeared to be at an elevated state of excitement and confusion and was having difficulties maintaining focus on the officers’ commands,” Edwards said.

Man recounts violence at parade:

A victim in one of several fights at this year’s Fourth of July parade in West Athens said Wednesday that he and a friend were set upon inside their truck by a mob of 15 to 20 people who kicked, punched and beat them with a metal pipe. And the father of one of the victims said people at the parade were saying that many of those involved were high on bath salts.

People on this bath salt action remind me of the SHTF survival themed movie, The Crazies. Okay, maybe they’re not that crazy, but it does remind of the drug heads in the SHTF survival themed book, Parable of the Sower, where the folks took the drug nicknamed “Ro” because it turned people into pyromaniacs.

What about you? Are YOU crazy?

– Ranger Man