A Small Calamity is on the Way

Well gang, it seems our small calamity has decided today is a good day to have a birthday. I’m writing this on Weds morning, I’m betting I won’t have the opportunity to finish the post I started for Thursday.  Hopefully RangerMan will give me a pass this time.  :-D

No need for worries, we’re pretty much ready, even if this is a couple weeks earlier than we expected. (I’ve been ready for days now… lol)

I’ll update this post with the good news, as soon as I’m recovered enough to be online.


Update: 4/20/2012

We are home and resting and feeling great. Birthing Boy #2 was as exciting as every delivery is, and went really well. He joined us in the wee hours of the morning on April 19th, and we’re all still in recovery mode. Thanks for all the well wishes!


– Calamity Jane