A Question For You – Energy Dependence and Peak Oil

As you all probably noticed we had some issues with the blog over the weekend, which were resolved yesterday at some point.  The post I had been working was stuck in cyberspace, so instead of giving you a poorly written post I decided to ask you a question instead.


There has been some discussion in the blog lately about Peak Oil and I’m wondering where you stand on the issue?  Is it an issue at all?

My view is that our economy needs a steady supply of energy – oil in our case – to keep expanding.  It seems that oil these days is getting harder to come by, which is why we’ve been using methods such as fracking and deep sea drilling.  All the easy oil is gone and now we’re going after the harder stuff, which yields less return on investment.

Does that mean we should buy solar panels and electric cars while we have the chance?  It seems to me that we don’t really have anything in place to take the place of oil at this point and we don’t have have the infrastructure we need in order to convert our world to another energy source.

What’s your opinion?

Sound off below.

-Jarhead Survivor