New mini gun-accessories (not mini-gun accessories)

“Goat Guns” is known for their supremely accurate little replica weapons and the equally detailed accessories built to attach thereon: mini gun-accessories. Not mini-gun accessories.

Minigun firing

Now the Goat Gun line of rifle furniture, grips, and optics will feature slings.

Miniature rifle slings

Mini gun accessories

The new slings are available in tan, black, OD, and leather. They look good on just about any long gun. Well, little long gun.

Miniature rifle slings

Miniature AK

Assembling a miniature rifle
Though you normally see her shooting 1:1 scale blasters, Alex Zedra also appears to enjoy the collectible 1:3 variety.

You can learn more online,; follow ’em on Instagram, @goat.guns.

Miniature rifle slings