Crimson Trace says, “About those green lasers…”

Green lasers are increasingly becoming more popular than red ones. Anyone who has been keeping an eye on the weapon accessory market, specifically the availability of laser sights, knows that (the most recent laser reported on here was, in fact, green*).

Crimson Trace, long an industry leader (if not the industry leader) in laser sights, has begun publishing informational articles about different types of such visible laser sighting systems. Among those is the recently released article titled, appropriately enough, About Green Lasers. In it, the company outlines some of the differences between green and red lasers. It also answers questions about low light use, cost, zeroing, and other matters.

As an example, addressing concerns about battery life:

What about battery life?

Green and red laser sights differ in power requirements. The high electrical current required by green diodes depletes batteries more rapidly than that of red diodes, resulting in a battery life disparity of approximately 2:1, i.e. all things being equal a battery that last four hours in a red laser sight will last for two hours in a green one. As with the cost difference between green and red lasers, the gap is narrowing.


green vs. red laser sights

VS. red.

Green vs. red laser sights

About Green Lasers: read the rest.

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Red vs. green lasers

*Referring to the X-Tech “smart laser“.