By: KennyDee

I know everyone cant do this, but I simply do not go to states that do
not have reciprocity with my state. If I have to, it is begrudgingly. I
refuse to spend a dime voluntarily in any of such states. Fortunately
for me there are only a few folks in PA I even would want to see and I
can avoid Maryland to get there…and I avoid Maryland like the plague (I’m in VA). New England never sees my face or a dime of my money and NY and NJ would have to pay me to come…and give me total immunity for me to even think of it.

When I look to vacation, I take my money only to states where they respect my right to defend myself and I keep my money in the U.S.A.

From your keyboard to God’s mouth on forcing all states to comply to our 2A rights though. I’m not holding my breath. The commies in these states will find a way to still criminalize it if the Supreme’s eventually do force them. The are a gazillion laws on the books and law enforcement can always find some obscure law, even if they haven’t enforced it in 50 years to dust off and use it to jack with people.

That’s why laws are almost never repealed. The power brokers that own this country like to have a bunch in their hip pocket in case they need them to mess with certain individuals.

If the supreme’s did this, you would still have to research which states are “hostile” to your 2A rights and avoid states that become known for finding other laws to ruin your day or life with.